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mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

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• Explain waterpolo;
• Present your team and invite the local students to follow the match, giving them free tickets or gadgets or coupons valid for a couple of free water polo lessons
• Actively involve the local schools in water polo lessons for their students during the school time
• Place an information stand in the center city and invite people to see the game, distributing free tickets or gadgets
• Inform parents and children about your basic waterpolo courses giving coupons valid for a couple of free water polo lessons for both privates and businesses
• Involvement of local shops, companies and clubs with flyers or participation in activities such as sponsered calendars etc.
• Visit Hospitals with your players


• Constand delevery of press releases & invitations to local news papers and sports websites.
• Weekly match report delivery to local press
• Constant production of interviews and videos (youtube)
• Create relationships with local radio stations interested in sports and promptly send them all the information about your sport activity (presentation of the game, results and rankings, audio interviews, etc..)
• Hypothesize trade (advertising to the sponsors, etc..)
• Create relationships with local tv and web tv interested in sports and promptly send them all the information about your sport
• Creating a tv program or web TV program dedicated to your team/club
• Obtain a pre-recorded broadcast of your games to be transmitted by local tv or streaming web TV.


•Introducing the ticket using an appropriate pricing strategy
•Encourage the creation of fan clubs among the supporters
•Organize bus rides to bring supporters to important away matches.
•During the game, inform fans about the next match or about the team events such as raffles, dinners, etc.. who fans should be involved in.
•Giving supporters a good reason to watch the game: creating mini events before or after the match (not have to create events necessarily in the swimming pool e.g. post-match dinner with the team to win)
• Create events designed to actively involve the sponsors.

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Edoardo Osti: ''Being born in July 1969, I always played in Bologna (till 1994) and I am a water polo coach since 1990. I follow the water polo world since 1997 or 98 and write about it since 2002 ( I was the chief for 2 years (2008 and 2009) and founded the waterpolodevelopment association (2006). I have written articles for and have owned and written for the website Now I would like to improve our sport trough the pages.''

Please follow this link at waterpolo-world

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